In the old days, before the internet, people would often read publications by Kodak, Ilford etc on how to develop film, how to print etc. In many cases, particularly for the beginner, these publications can serve as excellent starting points before venturing into discussions with other photographers about how to do things.

Ilford and Kodak have a variety of resources online. I think they are great not only for beginners but for photographers at any skill level. Unfortunately, Kodak's publications are not nearly as easy to get to as Ilford's. They are buried pretty deep in Kodak's website. So I thought it might be of value to compile a series of links in one place where people can easily find and access them. This is not a comprehensive list of all the available current publications, but I tried to include the most broadly useful material. People can then explore at will.

Processing film - basics

Processing - any level

Pathways to Black and White

Black-and-White Tips and Techniques for Darkroom Enthusiasts

Processing Kodak films

Darkroom design

Darkroom design for beginners

Safelights and testing

How safe is your safelight?

Printing - basics/beginner

Making Your First Black and White Print

Printing - any level

Contrast Control

Black-and-White Tips and Techniques for Darkroom Enthusiasts

Storage and care of materials before/after processing

Characteristics of films

X-ray fog

Other and/or more advanced topics

ISO and Exposure Index

Basic Sensitometry Workbook

Specific Gravity and pH of Kodak Chemistry


Fuji tech data
For all films. Includes additional info. such as simplified definitions/explanations of MTF, RMS Granularity, Resolving Power.