Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing with Semflex

I found two remaining rolls of pan F+ at home... So, i decide to test again the Semflex with it and some Diafine.

This is the slowest film i have ever used and it was the fastest dev that i have ever made (shot this morning at 7:00, dev during lunch time)!

I still dream of a rolleiflex, but, what, for 1/40 of the price of the rolleiflex, it's ok. I love it.

For who doesn't know, Semflex was made by a french company called SEM. The one that i have is a T950 with a SOM Berthiot 75mm f:4.5. More information on this web page (fr)

Shot at 80 isos, 1/25 @ f:5.6
Scan from negs with epson 4490

Meuuuhhhh !

Monday, July 16, 2012

Au marché

First attempt with diafine. here it is the results. Not excellent but not so bad. I have to note that Diafine works very well with an hybrid workflow, between, it's ok for scanning.

Grain is here but what ? It's at 1250 isos. I admit, i love grain, perfection is not for me.

Scan with epson scan, little adjustment of contrast & levels in photoshop.

Bessa R3a
Nokton 40mm
Tri-X@1250 isos, Diafine 3'A & 3'B

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mixing & labelling Diafine

Following my first post about Diafine Presentation & introduction here is the next step: mixing & labelling.

The Diafine that i found last time was for one quart which is litteraly 0.946353 Liter (let's say 0.95 L).

Water T°: 29°C

Next step: first dev with a Tri-x ! Plan to do it this week-end.