Sunday, September 15, 2013

Camera Porn #001 - My R3a

I think we all love photography, and more, we all love our camera. Some people like them as jewels, some as tools. I prefer tools.

This is my first camera porn :) with my very first own camera. I mean, the only one that i bought new, where i was the first owner.

My beloved bessa r3a and nokton 40mm. If you would like to know more about this Voigtlander lens, you are warmly welcome to consult this thread at rangefinderforum called "Nokton 40/1.4 photos, please".

I think the bessa r3a + nokton 40mm is one of the best selling kit in modern rangefinder. It's a high quality camera with a very nice lens in an modest budget. Also, the R3a has got the particularity to have an 1:1 life size magnification viewfinder. But what does that means ? Simply, if you are a right shooting eye, you could open in the same time the left eye without any problem.

So here is my first Camera Porn. Shot during a ballad in the wonderful arboretum of Dompierre-Les-Ormes.