Sunday, June 10, 2012

Diafine Two-bath developer

Dear friends,

A month ago, i just discover diafine products. As a curious, i decided to give a try. On the paper (o let's say on the web), diafine seems the ideal solution for me. Why ? Just because:

    • I don't shoot so often
    • Nowadays, i essentially do street
    • A roll can stay for two weeks in my camera before to get burned completely
    • Usually during a roll:
      • I will start it in daylight
      • I will want to finish on the streets by night.
    • I have one camera always with me. 

And, so, why diafine ? Diafine is a two bath developer. Bath A and bath B, that's it. From what i have understood, diafine seems very tolerant, and very easy to use. 

So i bought a box, luckily found in one of the last photographic shop of my region which supply darkroom equipment). 

Then, i just give a look on the internet and found some very useful information:
I will be back very soon with my first test. Let's see what will come out of it.

Note: After looking at the box, i realize that i have two containers to make one quart each. So, for people like me, who are not use with quart and others measurements, here it is the conversion :

1 quart = 0.946 Liter

See you soon for the test !

If you know about diafine, you are warmly welcome to get it touch with me.

All the best