Friday, July 20, 2012

Playing with Semflex

I found two remaining rolls of pan F+ at home... So, i decide to test again the Semflex with it and some Diafine.

This is the slowest film i have ever used and it was the fastest dev that i have ever made (shot this morning at 7:00, dev during lunch time)!

I still dream of a rolleiflex, but, what, for 1/40 of the price of the rolleiflex, it's ok. I love it.

For who doesn't know, Semflex was made by a french company called SEM. The one that i have is a T950 with a SOM Berthiot 75mm f:4.5. More information on this web page (fr)

Shot at 80 isos, 1/25 @ f:5.6
Scan from negs with epson 4490

Meuuuhhhh !

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