Sunday, July 28, 2013

Finally back in my new darkroom

After more than one year and a new location, i installed again my enlarger.

It was plan to have a dedicated room but because of short time i decided to put it in my guest room.

Two shots that i wanted to print for a while:

Eukobrom 1+9 for 3 minutes f:11, 30x40 rc tetenal TT Varyo. Which from this negs:

I printed also this one which is a bit contrasty so i tried to get the maximum of it. Stil contrast is high. f:11 9s, 3' in eukobrom on the same paper.

This shot comes from this negs. Taken on the way from Arusha to Dar El Salam.

They are not extroardinary pictures but they means a lot. I officialy started again to print after so long time. It s the end of the process, much more pleasant than a scan from negs.

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